The Ride website is now live!

The Ride website is now live!

Our website is now live which we will be adding to on a regular basis. As you may notice this is a WordPress site. Hull web designer Chris Cannon customized a theme to suit the style we were looking for. We are allowing comments so please leave your comments, advice, suggestions and anything else! Please note we have extensive spam filtering so please no spam, you will be only wasting your time not ours.

We hope you like the site and remember we are on Facebook and Twitter as well.

Happy reading and get involved!

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  1. This is a fantastic iniatiative. As someone who has terminal lung cancer but who is determined to keep cycling and to take control of my illness through diet and exercise, I am full of admiration for what you are doing. I hope to join you on some of The Ride. More power to your elbow…and your legs!

  2. Reka/Chris and all

    The web site looks really great.. clear and colourful and easy to follow with twitter and facebook… I hope it will bring in some partners…..! Penny x

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