Steroid story

Steroid story

I have kind of decided to get a bit better with blogpost … so I am on a little mission to write a little bit every day… we’ll see how it rolls
Not the very best day to start off with, but we have to start somewhere so it has been bit of a difficult day. I have GP, golden poison for long, and chemotherapy for boring, 2 weekly on Mondays. This is a cocktail of drugs on the day followed by a 46 hours companion in a pump form, escorted also by some steroids which give me rosy cheeks and help me to perk up and not to feel queasy. Reading back this sounds exhausting but it is bearable. Anyway … so I decided as I am usually fine just leave the steroids out; as I might just not need them and they give me wrinkles (joke… well kind of) and see what happens … well I got a bit shattered, which made me feel cross, which made me feel powerless, which I am not really good at a throws me into wobbles. I think I will take the damn things next time.
On the other hand
It looks like the accommodation for the Wales part of The Ride is sorted which is great.
Also I have been called by my MP Diana Johnson’s secretary, a really quite nice sounding young man, who assured me things are in hand and he is working on helping The Ride to get recognition at the end of the journey.
One of the funding bids I put in has come back and the answer includes the word … unfortunately … so I got a bit disheartened, but by the time I am writing this my head is in a bit better place.
Tiredness and rejection do not make a cheerful couple.

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  1. I know just how you feel about steroids Reka. I tried to cut mine out, as I felt they were giving me even bigger hamster cheeks and puffing up my face, hands and feet.. but without them felt yukky and definitely had to take more anti-sickness drugs those days… you however, always look beautiful so don’t worry at all!!! x x

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