9th May – onwards and upwards!

9th May – onwards and upwards!

Meeting today to move forward with the ride. Sharing out of tasks, remembering that we are going to have a lot of fun as well as a lot of hard work with the ride… optimistic there are lots of really kind people out there who are going to support us and be our partners on the ride… advice, help, money, jokes…. we’re ready for it all x x

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  1. we are indeed…reka back from Australia, Penny back from France.. team ‘theride’ meeting in Bridlington. We are going to work on costing this week, to see exactly how much sponsorship we need to pay for the ferry crossings, accomodation and food for the riders. We undersand how dificult it is for those riders who can’t work at the moment, so we will try to raise sponsorship for the travel and bed part of the journey. The sponsorship that has already come in (big thank you!) we will use towards the posters and t shirts. Will tell you more about the film we’re hoping to make in our next blog…

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