15/07 the black isles to Inverness

15/07 the black isles to Inverness

“It will be flat … actually a bit up, but not for much.” The famous last words. I did not really believe Liath as I remembered not liking the look of the gradients of the third day. Turned out of the house and that’s where we met the first hill of the day, which kept ‘hilling’ for a good 40 minutes… Warm up done. That’s where Jon and Penny joined me again. It was a great cruz down till Inverness. Than a bit up again  till Culloden. Than set off on my own to meet the gang 20 miles up the road.
It was very difficult. Up hill seemed constant and the rain showers just kept on coming at in an erratic and with ever increasing furiosity twinning up with strong head wind. I was struggling I really had to dig deep but it felt was nothing left to be found down there i felt empty. What the hell I am doing here. I remember sitting on the kitchen floor not long after diagnosis and thinking what about just giving up … Maybe that what I should do, sometimes we just have to surrender, it is one of the option it wasn’t a flippant thought there was one of the options … And i was there again … the rain and my tears was pouring down on my face I had enough and a bloody hill was staring in my face again I couldn’t see the point anymore. I marched on. I felt very vulnerable and my sense of  invincibility was going.
Penny has joined me for the last 20 miles.

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  1. Setting off in 15 hours to join you honey. We’ll kick the ass off those hills together, Belfast to Cardiff! Toddy’s doing a practice run tomorrow to Brough station while I go in my dads car with all the luggage- teehee- gel seat, gel seat cover, gloves, raincoat, padded shorts & Calendula cream – READY? Oh Yeah! Can’t wait to join the team………….. Toddy sends hugs….ooh they’re good ones too….Love you xx

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