Edinburgh to Troon – amber weather warning for central Scotland! 80 miles today!

Edinburgh to Troon – amber weather warning for central Scotland! 80 miles today!

The radio warned of floods and it was Amber/Red weather alert for the mid part of Scotland … Yep you have guessed it … I woke up for the sound of rain. Ok I thought than I quickly changed my mind, actually it is not ok but not much I could do about it. Rob, Penny’s brother who was absolutely lovely and put us up for a night said it is soft rain. Well didn’t stay soft for long by the time we got out of Edinburg my coat was giving up so as the three pair of cycling shorts I was wearing. It was awful, bloody awful. It kept easing off a bit just to gather strength and come back with a gust. I was dripping and cold and after 25 miles I was a bit shaky I pulled up at a bus shelter and called Chris talking in half intelligible sentences, getting more and more upset about the weather. He did some magic which got me back on the bike. I felt angry I could not change the weather it was nothing I could do just carry on and brave it so I did. And than, the bloody rain bloody stopped bloody marvellous !!!!! Penny has done so extremely well, braving the weather the hill she is an absolute superstar it is such a  joy sharing the journey with her.

Rob has brought us lunch how extremely very kind.  I was riding with Carl in that afternoon, who does make me laugh a lot … for his afternoon ride he was wearing a long scarf and one of my helmet … He really really looked like he  was just about to be ready to be fired out of a cannon. We finished the ride with Penny in the rain once more.

Pru and Toddy are joining us tonight!

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