John O Groats – Inverness – Edinburgh – Troon – Belfast – Dublin – Holyhead – Cardiff – Bristol – London.

Day1       Sat.  14/07     John O Groats                       Helmsdale             70m

Day2       Sun. 15/07     Helmsdale                            Inverness                 52m

Day3       Mon. 16/07     Inverness                               Pitlochry                 80m

Day4       Tue. 17/07     Pitlochry                                Edinburgh              70m

Day6       Wed. 18/07     Edinburgh                              Troon                     71m

Day 7      Thurs.19/07     Troon                                     Belfast                   20m

Day8       Fri.     20/07     Belfast                                    Ardee                    83m

Day 9      Sat.    21/07     Ardee                                     Dublin                   40m

Day 10    Sun.    22/07     Dublin / Holyhead                 Porthmerion          55m

Day11     Mon.   23/07     Porthmerion                          Llanidloes              60m

Day12     Tue.    24/07     Llanidloes                              Brecon                  51m

Day13     Wed.   25/07     Brecon                                   Cardiff                   45m

Day14     Thurs. 26/07     Cardiff                                    Devizes                 70m

Day15     Fri      .27/07     Devizes                                 Windsor                 70m

Day16     Sat.    28/07     Windsor                                 London                  30m

Follow the bike symbols to see our route

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